Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winter blog

Having missed a couple of months blogging and despite the madness that is Christmas I am determined to blog one last time in 2014.
I have been working on a few things in the studio, although unlike how things usually are at this time of year it has been slow progress but it's interesting none the less.
The most recent work has involved an old enamel bucket that John found for me. Several months ago I used the rusty bottom of the pail to paint on and the other part had been rusting  away in the garden, with the grass was growing up round it.
Seeing that it had potential I battered it out to form a nice arc shape. Not realizing that enamel is in fact glass some pieces kept pinging off during the painting process. Next time I'll bare this in mind and perhaps leave it for a few days to de ping in isolation!
The curious thing about these two pieces is that the first one titled Low Yellow Field has a blue field and yellow sky. I don't know why I titled it this way. The arc does have a yellow field and blue sky and I am now thinking about redoing it, feeling that the yellow sky works so much better.
Painting on unusual surfaces is really unpredictable, paint behaves so differently depending on how absorbent or porous a surface is. Working with the natural defects and shapes also can lead to unpredictable results so all in all an interesting way of working.
Low Yellow Field


Anyway with my new found enthusiasm I am actively exploring other supports apart from canvas to paint on. I'm also really eager to explore alternative ways to construct and display my work. The Go Ape residency along with these bucket pieces has certainly got me thinking.

Oil on in progress for Go Ape

A new addition to our family by way of a pup called Owl has been keeping me extremely distracted and unfocussed with regard to taking photographs....hmm something I will have to fix. Her company and general antics are so much fun but I have had to draw the line at her persistent desire to sit on my knee whilst I'm painting! Quite ridiculous really.
Cheeky chops Owl, post bath.

Looking back on 2014 ...well put it this way there is a good deal I am glad is over but I also have a lot of happy memories too. I've included some images from our Mallorcan holiday and Yorkshire w/k in October. The light and  colours of Mallorca are  truly beautiful. It contrasts so sharply with our own colour and light at the same time of year.

Time now to think about recharging  the batteries ...(I am very fortunate to have some time off to do this) take stock and think about all the exciting creative challenges in 2015.
 Yuletide greetings to one and all :)

Owl's first outting

Grit stone

Lime stone

Nice little house for sale in Pollenca !!
Lime stone sports climbing
Happy holidays

Gillean enjoying the limestone