Saturday, 16 February 2013

Simple things......

It's  sometimes simple things that catch my attention. Almost like things unseen or just bypassed...walking and talking they could be so easily missed and forgotten.

That's why I carry a camera. It is such a useful's like having a portal to an unregistered world. This is important to me as I am utterly incompetent at collating and organising materials in a sensible way. Building up a stock of imagery each time I venture out is a way of keeping a diary too.
It doesn't matter that I don't date and remember the exact day, what's important is that every time I'm out I feel like I'm seeing  things with a fresh eye, trying not to take anything for granted ever.

Of course this doesn't always work and you need times when you just switch off and be in the moment, but in the main it helps me to stay focused and think painting.

Oil on card-study for commission

Oil on card 

Beautiful Northumberland

Monoprint on tissue

Sunbeams over the Cheviots

It's been a mixed bag in the studio these last few weeks. I've been finishing off a couple of commissioned paintings whilst gearing up for new pieces. The sessions spent making small oils on card have been rewarding and again have broken up the making  process and fuelled two new big paintings which I'm still working on. It's a good way to work, these tiny paintings are not precious and whilst I'm not exactly churning them out they do come easy when they come! That I might add isn't very often and reminds me of a conversation about making work I often have with my sister....when she's  asked how long does it take you to make a drawing her reply is simple.. "all of my life"!
Oil on card...wishful pinks!

Pathway through the winter heather

Monoprint on tissue
Along with the small oils are the mono prints. I love making these. This time I've used a water based but fairly sticky ink and used thin tissue paper to work on. It picks up the marks  beautifully and I'm going to keep going with this for a while yet.Lots of improvement needed here!

Oil on card

Near Bamburgh

Oil & wax on canvas (work in progress)

Small study for larger oil

Finished commission heading to it's new home soon !
( See post 29 from my weather diary )

So keep keeping on...snow drops are out and poking around in the garden today I spied quite a lot of new growth under the dead leaves. Spring is just around the corner!

Oh and lastly John celebrates his 50th in fine bouldering form!