Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June Blog - One chapter ends and another begins...

June ..thought it would never come and now it's  nearly over! Such is the nature of time.
Many good days out bouldering and climbing. Remarkably the weather has been pretty good..especially in the first few days of the month.

The class of 2013 (2nd year group) A lovely bunch!

 All finished at college too, the students show went up and came down in what felt like a flash. It was  good this year with a wide variety of media and ideas all coming to fruition after what for many has been a rewarding journey. With the long summer break about to begin I have a few journeys both physical and otherwise to go on myself. Time to stop musing and start making!

What with college and climbing I've had a lull in the studio so it was good to get back in there this week and start this painting (below).I have been planning this in  my head for days now. It  seemed to take shape pretty rapidly, and with that some creeping feelings of doubt.... I always feel  a little anxious when a painting goes smoothly in the first session...that feeling of it's too good to be true and it's bound to turn messy soon echo in my head.
 Ridiculous thoughts that I would advise any artist to banish from their thoughts and just get on with it. I'm trying hard to be in the moment with this one, and be mindful, and just enjoy the process without being too self conscious and precious.
Work in progress 2@ 80x80 cm
That troublesome painting mentioned in my April blog  was still causing trouble up until a week ago. It now has been transformed into some quite different.Below are a couple of details....a change of palette and the abandonment of the track for the second time leaves me feeling that there is the  likely chance that it may be complete.

Funny how some paintings hang around for months seeking attention and demanding more time to be spent on them while others appear and happily seem to amuse themselves  and then vanish from your thoughts quietly like a well mannered child! Not sure which ones I get on better with ?


Detail from 100x100cm
Beautifully scented gorse at Kyloe
Looking into the sun , Kyloe
My roller love from last month didn't go as smoothly as anticipated. Yes those lovely Japanese papers arrived but I haven't managed to do one successful mono print yet. The texture is different and I think an oil based ink would be more preferable then the  water based one I was using on the cheap tissue.
 Mono printing is such a fleeting and intense technique. Get it right and you almost don't even know it's happened get it wrong well it's laboured and stodgy. Must stop trying so hard!

Onward now with the hope that I will get some serious work done in the next few weeks. Stumbling on the double canvas idea has made me think about future paintings and I'm excited about the possibility of working on a landscape format without having to abandon the square. Nothing new here but I haven't worked like this for very long time and had forgotten the freedom and possibilities inherent in this format.
Whilst working I have been thinking of those familiar views in Northumberland.....  peaty low summits,  boulder strewn crags, wandering sheep and  all under a  huge brooding  sky...good thoughts.

The Lakes are a different prospect in terms of landscape. That's for later, it all needs time  to sink in and become etched in your  mind and to somehow become part of you .... a quiet and lengthily  familiarisation.

Always plenty to see whilst climbing

Coming down from Ravens Crag

'Wow' blossoms near Dungeon Gill, Lake District

As if they weren't tired enough after a days climbing ...just a little roadside bouldering before tea!!
Langdale Boulders, Lake District