Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Siobhan O' Hehir: August is September

Siobhan O' Hehir: August is September: I feel like the white rabbit this month, late again but self imposed deadlines are allowed to be broken! The Crossing Borders art trail ...

August is September

I feel like the white rabbit this month, late again but self imposed deadlines are allowed to be broken!

The Crossing Borders art trail has came and went. This year I shared Foxy cottage with  Inge Paneels.

Inge makes beautiful and thought provoking  glass pieces. It was a real pleasure to share the w/k with her. The paintings and glass worked really well together. Inge's minimalist pieces complemented my expressive colour filled paintings.

We had lots of lovely visitors. A big thanks to you all.

Beautiful bluey green glass with etched words and map details

A line through the landscape
Detail from Inge's glass 
The beginning of September and right up until now has been madly busy with new students, new timetables and all that that entails.
Time in the studio has been fairly limited. I've been finishing off a large painting and in between it's been back to mono printing and working in oils on paper. And amongst all of this activity there has been exhibitions galore to visit, both here in the Borders and Edinburgh. 
Viewing work in the flesh always comes with benefits regardless of your likes or dislikes.
 I am always surprised by the scale of the work...Peter Doig's immense canvases and smaller more intimate paintings by Anna King for instance can never be appreciated fully without viewing the actual work. The physicality of the scale, surface textures and marks all make the real live experience much more rewarding than viewing reproductions. 

Other notable shows this month...artists exhibiting at the YES festival in Selkirk, Paper Planes in Stow,from Death to Death and other stories, Witches and other bodies in Edinburgh, to mention but

a few. And that's not including more local exhibitions and others further a field that I just haven't managed to visit!

Oil on canvas 100x100cm

Starting a new sketch book

Monoprint on Japanese paper

Oil on paper

Oil on paper

Oil on paper
Whilst wondering exactly I've been doing since the last blog I came across quite a number of shots from our end of summer climbing outings.Here's a selection from August. 

All chalked up!

Fine bouldering at Shaftoe, Northumberland

Northumberland still serving me well

Rowan at Kyloe
Walk in to Castle crag
Me on Via Media, Castle crag
Langdale pikes, late evening

Lakes gateway
Beautiful Bowden Doors
Nature on our door step
Fuzzy wuzzy bees at Foxy (never seen or heard so many )
Quarry bouldering at Chapel Stiles, Langdale


Chapel Stiles bouldering
View from Holly Tree Direct (John's mad variation route!) Ravens Crag, Langdale