Tuesday, 29 July 2014

July Blog- for Debi x

These last few weeks have been difficult, surreal even. I'm not going to delve into the emotional roller coaster of what it feels like to know someone you love very much become  very ill. 

Many people will have been in this situation, are in this situation, and might sadly be in this situation in the future. 

 This month is a picture blog dedicated to my incredibly brave, beautifully defiant and spiritually singular sister, Debi O' Hehir who is currently undergoing cancer treatment in St James's Hospital, Dublin. 

The images are from our climbing trips, my visits to see Deb in Dublin and images of things that have caught my eye from day to day, over the past few weeks.

Langdale Pikes in the distance

Earlier this month...tiny landscape


Gillean climbing Chapel Cracks, Castle Rock
Roundabout the house

More garden stuff
Round our weird garden
Thomas Street baskets

Dublin has a pretty healthy amount of public art...this series was created by local children in Dublin 8 and each piece sits at intervals on a curving rail(see below) at the St. James's  Hospital, Luas tram stop. This one, horse with boxing gloves is my favorite.
Sadie and Deb posing earlier in the month in front of a John Behan sculpture...they did a fine job of blocking it out!

Under lock and key

Dublin Banksy?!

The Drummer, by Barry Flannagan at IMMA

Really like this photo, tips on how to photoshop the man out are welcome!
A couple of old punk rockers, their words not mine!

On the phone...IMMA gardens
The Liffey, waiting on the 5am airpot bus, Heuston

Looking down from the first pitch of 'Golden Slipper'
Butter wouldn't melt......
Lovely feathery boys and girls in Stickle Tarn, Pavey Ark
Looking down on Nape's Needle from Eagle Ridge direct..we watched a couple climbers ascend this, good fun to watch!
That's them sitting on the top!
Up he goes!

Not too surprisingly an abandoned nest on Eagle's Nest Ridge...more like a Buzzard's nest...which was complete with rabbit bones!

Gillean at the top of Eagles Nest Ridge Direct
Memorial on the summit of Great Gable

On the path to climb 'Sinister Grooves' at  Honister Pass, which proved to be quite sinister for me in the end!

Currently on my easel... raw work in progress

I'm heading back to Ireland in a couple of weeks.... Deb will be in her last week of treatment. Being strong and positive is the way forward now.

Thanks for reading :)